Mentor App

Mentor App for Engineering Entrance Preparation ( IOE , PU , KU , Indian embassy or NEB board exam preparation ) is very simple yet very useful quiz based android mobile application. It is made prioritizing students preparing for B.E/B.Arch entrance examination. Every features of this app is genuinely designed with the aim of making it straightforward and handy. It is awesome application which without doubt, develops confidence in student for entrance examination by escalating their knowledge through practice.

Features of the Mentor App for Engineering Entrance Preparation

1.Learning Module*:

– Each subject is divided into individual topics. 

– Students learn through notes and videos about the topic.

– Students are presented with a few questions to test what they have learned.

2.Subject videos and syllabus

– Students can refer to videos related to various topics within a subject.

– Students can view the syllabus along with marks distribution per subject.

3.Practice Sets

– Each subject has multiple practice sets of maximum 20 questions. 

– Students should attempt a minimum number of questions correctly to unlock the sets.

– More they attempt the questions correctly; the more set gets unlocked.

4.Syllabus based mock tests

– Students can take a mock test of 2 hours.

– The test is generated from all subjects based on the syllabus of entrance exam.

– Questions are divided into set number of questions per subject and they can move to any subject.

– They can bookmark the questions for future reference.

5.Performance analysis

– Students can view their test history.

– They can view the number of test taken and highest marks scored.

– They can view their time taken to complete a test.

– Students are presented with subject wise analysis of correct answers / attempted questions.

– Students can view the answer key along with explanations for each attempted exam.

6.Mentor Discussion forum

– Students can post questions, doubts or a general discussion regarding engineering entrance exam.

– Students can reply to other posts and upvote or downvote the replies.

– Students can filter and sort the posts using various filters.

7.Daily Quiz

– Students are presented with one question each day.

– On correctly answering it, students gain points which are converted into prizes.

8.Regular updates about notices and announcements related to entrance exam