Servicing App

Service app is the web based system which is an integrated combination of both digital servicing book and inventory management system. sahaj mobile app is the new generation digital servicing book where customers can view detailed history of their vehicle. Integration of inventory systems to the digital servicing book (sahaj) helps the service center be alert about their inventories. 

How does it help customers?

  • To eliminate the hassle of carrying a manual service book and make it available right on the owner’s smartphone.
  • To build a service history of the vehicle.
  • To get notified at the time of the service requirement.
  • To know about different existing, new products and offerings of the company.
  • To be in touch with the company.
  • Find the location of service centers.
  • Review / Feedback the service center.

How does it help the company?

  • To reduce the cost of a service book.
  • To establish an effective and cost efficient channel of communication with customers.
  • To monitor and evaluate different authorized service stations.
  • To provide information about new products and offering to customers.
  • To reach out to customers through notification.

How does it help service stations?

  • To record all the service jobs.
  • Total control over the inventory.
  • To understand, evaluate and analyse the services.
  • To view and understand the customers service record for effective and efficient service jobs.
  • To notify customers about the service.