Your Loyalty Platform


Using our well developed technology, create your own brand loyalty platform.Build your own loyalty by offering this highly reliable solution to your clients and consumers.

By licensing our technology, you benefit from our expertise and ongoing development.


  1. Create your own brand loyalty system with associated app, analytics and communication platforms.
  2. Facilitate a stronger tie-in relationship between your business and end users.
  3. Capture data for extensive customer insights.
  4. Provide increased level of security and cross-check on redemptions and stamps.
  5. Provide a communication platform to promote products, information and news.
  6.  Quick and easy implementation.

Benefit of a Loyalty Program

Loyalty Reward programs can deliver a very high return on investment when compared with other marketing initiatives. Customers on loyalty programs spend significantly more with the business than its other customers. This level of spending increases even further when a business directly communicates with the customer.

Key Benefit of the platform

Stampfee is a marketing tool for customer retention and effective communication.

1. Simplicity of the program for your business 

Stamps are provided by scanning our unique loyalty QR code which is generally placed beside payment counter at the point of sale.

Loyalty QR code are a very personal way of providing loyalty stamps. They are also very easy to manage for the staff with minimum staff involvement. They are highly secure as they cannot be copied easily.

There is no complicated hardware or software requirements for the business to manage and no integration required. The business requires internet to record stamps into cloud storage. 

Customer information is all accessed through a web-based dashboard* (who, when, what, where, etc). For a lot of businesses, this provides a large time and cost saving in administration and marketing. 

2. Simplicity of the program for the customers

The customer no longer needs to manage a whole collection of accumulated Loyalty cards. They only need to download the program and register once to store their loyalty card.

* Dashboard will only be provided after the end of the promotional period of 3 months.

3. Data and Security

All customer and transactional data is recorded real-time and is available for insights, marketing and security controls and verification. Redemptions, stamps and activity logs can be used to cross-check against other operational and transactional data to ensure effective use of program.

4. Branding

Stampfee also provides branding solutions through App, website and social media. Business logo is included on the offer within the app. The app also contains a search function to allow customers of other businesses to search for your business and offers. 

5. Communication

Stampfee provides a refined communication and engagement platform. Customer can be communicated directly with via email, SMS and push notifications to notify them about new offers and discounts.