Suchana patra

Suchana Patra is a digital notification system that transforms the way currently public notices are generated and displayed. The system comprises 

  •  A web panel where an admin or a department user can generate and schedule notifications.
  • Android and iOS mobile application for end users to receive the notifications, view past / current notifications and stay updated. 


  1. Instant notification: The notices reach out to intended people as soon as they are sent.
  2. Eco friendly: This system will reduce numbers of paper documents.
  3. Efficient use of resources (human and technology) which saves time.
  4. Direct Media: General public will get the trusted notice as the publisher of notice is the primary source.
  5. Better Communication: The system provides the targeted notice which helps to directly communicate with the focus group.
  6. Notice management: Full track of the current and past notices are maintained in the system.


  1. Secure authenticated logins
  2. Department wise users
  3. Notice generation
  4. Notice scheduling
  5. Department wise notice generation
  6. Email scheduling along with notification for subscribed users
  7. Users reporting
  8. Notifications reporting